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  • Cotton - Second Wedding Anniversary Ideas by The Wedding Secret


    Second Wedding Anniversary Ideas by The Wedding Secret

    In this article 'The Wedding Secret' a respected wedding related publisher and website reviews and suggests ideas to make your second wedding anniversary more special.

    We are grateful to have had our 'Graziano' bed linen to be featured as one of their many excellent ideas.

    So if you are considering what to buy your beloved partner on this often challenging wedding anniversary, don't worry just read this article and your mind will be much clearer!

    Follow this link to read their original article: 2nd Wedding Anniversary Ideas


  • The 6 Top Reasons Our Customers Replace Their Duvets

    pickduvets and pillows group

    No. 1 A Change of Bed Size

    The most popular reason to replace a duvet is when you upsize or downsize your bed, this could be because you've moved house or room and the space dictates what you may need. Whichever the reason it seems this is the time to refresh or replace your duvet too.

    No. 2 Guests!

    Believe it or not, it seems when a guest is due to arrive or when a family member comes to stay, the quality of ones' bedding is suddenly thrust into the spotlight. Perhaps your new guest needs an anti-allergy duvet, or your old cast-off seems a little embarrassing . Don't worry, this is the second most popular time to dive in and purchase a duvet that you can be truly proud of!


    No. 3 Temperature Adjustment

    Almost always we find that the tog value or temperature of ones' duvet is never far from ones' mind during the replacement or upgrade phase. There can be a whole host of reasons that the temperature in ones' room has changed, new house, new heating, cold-snap, even new partner! Whichever is your reason, most people value their temperature and comfort at night. Good duvets are cool in summer and toasty-warm in winter. Does yours do this well?

    No.4  Filling Breakdown

    Over time through general use, wear and tear, once inherent qualities can become compromised. A once comforting warm duvet can lose these vital properties when the down or other filling material starts to breakdown. They start to feel thinner in the hand, you can sometimes feel cold spots developing. This is a sure sign it's time to act and treat yourself to a better night's comfort.

    No.5  Discoloured Cambric

    The cambric or outer shell of your duvet is a good place to look for evidence of it's inner state. Many nights of even subtle perspiration penetrate deeply into the performance of your duvet's characteristics. That's why the best duvets you can buy pay particular attention not just to the filling but also the cambric quality, a better shell equals better longevity. If your duvet is discoloured it may be time to consider a replacement.

    No. 6 Damage

    I think it almost goes without saying that an occurrence of accidental damage, rip or stain can force through a move for a better duvet. It's fairly common for damage to occur and it drives customers to consider their next duvet despite it not being previously high on their priority list!

  • Napkins

    I have received the napkins today and they're just what I wanted. Thank you for the great service.

  • Dusters

    Dusters received today & are perfect!

  • Prompt Dispatch

    Thank you for the prompt dispatch of that very nice Victoria tablecloth, it fits my round dining-table perfectly with a good ten inch overhang. I have invited some friends for tea on Sunday afternoon to show it off with my best china.

  • Lovely Napkins

    I have received the Beige napkins and thank you so very much for your kindness.

  • Delivery arrived Safely

    The delivery arrived safely, beautifully packed, enclosing the lovely items I selected. Thank you for your time and I may order more items on-line later in the year. My thanks to the staff, who were so helpful and kind. A lovely shop to visit.

  • Olivier Desforges: No.1 Way To Add Colour To Your Bedroom

    The No.1 Way To Add Colour To Your Bedroom

    Olivier Desforges bed linen is one of those brave brands that isn't afraid to use bold colours. Since 1974 their delighted customers have looked no further for the no.1 way to breathe new life into their bedroom.

    When they opened their first shop in Place du Lion d'Or in Lille in 1975 they embarked on a confident mission to get creative with their passion for colourful bed linen.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 15.58.41 Olivier Desforges: Colour Since 1974

    The result of that mission is a fresh mix of towels and bed linen with colours evoking the warmth of Southern France.

    Why Colourful Bed Linen?

    Once you factor in labour, time and upheaval, it's really not that cost effective to re-decorate your bedroom as a primary way to introduce colour and decorating is more permanent than bed linen.

    What's simpler than browsing the web and picking 'the' splash of colour your bedroom desperately needs? Throwing out tired bed linen & towels can be cathartic afterall and when it's being replaced by Olivier Desforges, the look of your bedroom, bathroom and home will make you feel house-proud once again.

    Is it time to be brave?

    We think so.  The spring is definitely here and the summer is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to get a head start. Typically you will be welcoming more people into your home and more often than not showing them round, so be bold, be proud and be colourful!

    Woods Fine Linens features a seasonally handpicked selection of Olivier Desforges HERE



  • Yves Delorme - floral bed linen lovingly made in Paris since 1845.

    yves-delorme-luxury-bedding-tiny-floral-bed-linen Floral Bed Linen by Yves Delorme

    A Brief History.

    I wonder if back in 1845 Ernestine Fremaux and her husband ever knew how big Yves Delorme floral bed linen would become?

    It was only sixty years after the evolution of the first mechanical loom, so it really was the dawn of textile manufacturing's industrialisation.

    How they recovered after a fire ripped through the entire business in 1867 is extraordinary. But that's exactly what they did with the help of their nephew Paul Fremaux. Together he and his Auntie Madame Fremaux totally rebuilt the factories. So through those times of great hardship and adversity, when all the odds seemed stacked against them, they dusted themselves down and built a wonderful business with impervious resilience which has repelled the many more challenges that would otherwise of destroyed most companies. So thank you Madame Fremaux for having the foresight to carry on.

    Yves Delorme Today.

    The now sixth generation Yves Delorme family still share a passion for textiles, a lot like we do here at Woods with our own 300 year association with fine linens.

    They have become synonymous with elegant floral designs and a quality and durability their repeat customers rely on. The company really has solidified it's position as one of the best designer french bedding choices for aspirational interiors.

    Floral Bed Linen by Yves Delorme Enfleur Egyptian Cotton Duvet Set

    What Should This Mean To You?

    This rich back story should give you the same confidence to buy french bedding by Yves Delorme as it does for their many thousands of fans and us. They are a textile manufacturer you can trust in terms of quality, long-lasting style and a refinement of design few can touch. You can even co-ordinate your bed linen with bath robes.

    Yves Delorme stalwarts will happily tell you that the products are easy to care for and feel luxurious and exquisite every day and night of use. They may even tell you that one of the first questions their friends ask when being shown around their house is: "Where did you get that beautiful bed linen?" The answer is of course Woods Fine Linens.

    Shop Yves Delorme Bed Linen & Robes

  • Ethical & Sustainable Home Fragrance by Cochine, Saigon

    Ethical Home Fragrance by Cochine, Saigon Ethical Home Fragrance by Cochine, Saigon

    Few products have that extra special something that makes it stand out from the crowd. Luckily for us, Cochine Home Fragrance does and we are delighted to present it to you.

    Founding Story

    The company was founded by fragrance specialist, Kate Crofton-Atkins after a sensory inspiring trip to Saigon. Kate has carefully crafted a company and products which encapsulate the scents of Saigon and the Vietnamese countryside with a sensibility for the environment which is tenderly respected in their manufacturing techniques.

    Kate Crofton-Atkins, Fragrance Specialist & Founder of Cochine Kate Crofton-Atkins, Fragrance Specialist & Founder of Cochine


    Each of their sophisticated fragrances have been designed as an 'eau de parfum' but for your home. Conjuring a perfumed scene of Saigon; from the tiny hidden alleyways overflowing with intoxicating jasmine flowers, to lazy, sun-drenched afternoons on the banks of the Saigon River decorated by the hundreds of floating water hyacinth.

    So why did Sarah Woods choose Cochine for Woods, after all we have other excellent Home Fragrances? When I put this question to Sarah, the answer that came back was simple: "sustainable, beautifully packaged scents, what's not to love?" - that told me!


    The Environment

    So what are Cochine's environmental credentials. I found out they are in fact numerous. Let's start with the products themselves. All the products are made in Vietnam using the highest quality essential oils and ingredients which are ethically and sustainably sourced.

    The candles are made using botanical palm oil wax specially developed for Cochine using renewable resources, this dedication to using a more natural alternative to paraffin wax is just what this market needs! Likewise, they use high-performance lead-free cotton wicks.

    Their custom-made bottles are manufactured from PET recyclable plastic and their beautiful outer packaging is made from over 90% recycled card.

    You wouldn't guess it's recycled packaging. Hard to believe it's made from over 90% recycled materials.

    But there is also a jewel in their crown. Cochine are supporting sustainable farming projects, such as the Agarwood Project founded by The Rainforest Project. This once almost extinct tree with hugely valuable essential oil, was rescued from the brink of extinction and over 200,000 seedlings planted over 15 years ago now produce Agarwood oil in a protected and sustainable environment and it smells just wonderful!

    I have experienced the scent of every one of their products and they are without equal, they make wonderful gifts owing to the quality packaging. It's products just like this that Woods Fine Linens are proud to support.

    Shop Cochine, Saigon in Home Fragrances.


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