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Cochine Home Fragrance

Cochine Home Fragrance

High-Quality Sustainable Scented Candles, Hand Wash & Reed Diffusers from Saigon

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We love the entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by Kate Crofton-Atkins's company, Cochine. With so many home fragrance companies crowding the space and frankly making empty claims, it's super to support a real skincare and fragrance specialist such as Kate and offer you her inspirational and sustainable Vietnamese based home fragrance products.

To help create the wonderful scents Kate partnered with an international fragrance house based in New York and together they carefully worked with sustainable essential oils harvested from Kate's favourite Vietnamese scented plants and trees.

Their sustainable approach is a great credit to them. For instance, all Cochine candles are made using botanical palm oil wax, specially developed from renewable sources, this is a natural alternative to parrafin wax and the candles also feature lead-free cotton wicks. All cochine bottles are custom-made out of recyclable plastic, and their beautiful outer packaging is 90% recycled card but you wouldn't know to look at the products as they are luxury through and through.

Cochine proudly use oil from certified Aquilaria Crassna trees from the Mekong Delta and support sustainable farming projects such as the Agarwood Project founded by the The Rainforest Project. Agarwood essential oil is a hugely valuable essential oil, it was once so over-harvested in the last century that is was almost extinct. Over 15 years ago local farmers were contracted to plant seedlings, these have now matured, producing very high-quality Agarwood essential oil - which smells divine!

Each fragrance has been originally designed by Kate and her team as an 'eau da parfum' but for your home. We adore the real sense of quality here and the holistic approach to her business is exemplary.

Cochine fragrances transport you to a lazy sun-drenched afternoon spent on the banks of the Saigon river and will lift your mood and rejuvenate the small pleasures of your or a loved ones' daily life.

The long-lasting scents include: Jasmine - which fills the sun-drenched streets of Saigon, Delentii - a beautiful and unique scented orchid indigenous to Vietnam; Agarwood - a precious resinous wood from Southern Vietnam and Water Hyacinth - often seen floating like tiny islands along the Mekong river.


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